Album Club: January 2012 Reviews

The reviews are in!


3 thoughts on “Album Club: January 2012 Reviews

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  2. As we move forward, it might be a good idea for someone to start a post here on this blog for the selected album (perhaps the first reviewer), then others could add comments and provide links to longer reviews on other sites if applicable. A more centralized approach would be particularly helpful, I think, for those who aren’t inclined to write a lengthy review.

    It seems I’m in the minority on The Trumpet Child. I enjoyed listening to the album, but I’d classify it as a novelty or special occasion album. It’s not something I’d put in my regular rotation.

  3. I think our Google Group – which hasn’t really taken off – was the intended place for back and forth discussion. I’m still hoping to do a Google+ Hangout at some point. I doubt I’ll ever find a time that works for all of us, so I’ll just have to pick one and go with it.

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